A. Jakšto gatvė 5, Vilnius
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+370 675 08743

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Andrius Murma (06.11.2017 08:16)
Nice selection of beers and snacks. Awful sound quality of music sound from surround speakers. Have you heard about equalizer??
Vialniash Piktaz (22.08.2017 22:37)
Cosy pub. Nice owners
Curse Cursed (28.07.2017 06:34)
Great bar, the theme is folk metal or just hipster. The rice is just right, food and dribks are good. Great for parties as well as luch
Lennard Funk Pedersen (05.07.2017 19:20)
Excellent selection of local beers. They also have cards and board games.
Ilona Mo (18.04.2017 12:44)
One of the best alternative/rock pubs in Vilnius. Tasty Lithuanian cuisine snacks, but mains are not traditional Lithuanian dishes. Overall, the food is tasty and is freshly made. Good selection of local beers. There are a lot of table games, the atmosphere is cosy and they also have gigs time to time.

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