Alaus studija

S. Žukausko gatvė 20, Vilnius
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+370 685 60885

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Edgaras T, (22.09.2017 22:57)
Good place to take some beer. You can choose from lot different taste's. Food is not so good but after 5 beer's you can eat.
LukasFragas Jasinskas (15.09.2017 08:45)
Good place to play football or watch some sports. loudy place.
Šarunas Gruodis (01.09.2017 22:12)
Smoke smell everywhere. Prices high. What's so attractive here?
Sarunas Navickas (31.08.2017 13:55)
Very nice place if you want to grab a pint of beer. A lot of different sorts, very cozy, and food is tasty.
Andy Hernandez (11.07.2017 11:59)
Best selection of beer in Lithuania, no frills fun of drinking your favorite beverage. Have beer will be happy

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