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ул. Покровка, 47/24, Москва
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JoLu MSosa (09.09.2017 03:27)
Nice movie theater, sound system coyld be better tho
Chillin Blue (29.07.2017 11:32)
Good cinema , often in original language with russian subtitles
Daria Vorontsova (21.04.2017 13:51)
A small, nice and cozy cinema close to the city centre, never overcrowded. Great place to watch rare and festival movies
danya spencer (06.03.2017 22:38)
Love this theatre - plays the best movies in a cozy auditorium, easily accessible and easy to book tickets online.
Alexander Potapov (28.01.2017 16:33)
Money is essential to have, but permanent clients might stop supporting the business if the business changes the price to buy a ticket from 500 to 1500 rubles within 8 hours. Are you, people, mad? Two of us bought tickets in advanced and the cost was 500 yesterday, but four of us must buy the same tickets and pay 1500 today? I am told that the Moscow government wants to close the cinema. Great idea! The management must know that quick money leads to problems.

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