IMAX Sapphire

ТРЦ Афимолл Сити, Пресненская набережная, 2, Москва
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+7 495 727-98-04

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Dod Tuy (11.12.2016 15:15)
Good cinema
Pricing is higher compare to other places
Serge Aksenov (28.11.2016 18:22)
Have a selection of movies with original sound and Russian subtitles
Igor Savchuk (27.11.2016 20:36)
amazing picture and confortable seats
dream bless (09.11.2016 20:21)
it is dubbed in russian or just only substitle is in russian?
Danilo Rodrigues Jr. (08.05.2016 02:09)
Great movie theater! If you're looking for movies with original sound (not common in Russia) with Russian subtitles, this is a good choice. Good chairs, good sound, good screen.

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