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Jérémy Lautrey (18.10.2016 11:33)
Don't go there. We we're mislead by hostelbookers giving this place good ratings and positive feedback by certain travellers with very very low standards. To be clear I am not difficult, I am not demanding.
The first thing you see after passing through the cloud of cigaret smoke (and the terrible smell) at the door is an empty reception. And it remains empty for a while. When the dude shows up he doesn't know anything about you and what you are doing here. After a while he asks for your passeport. Then he asks for money. As they obviously have no reservation system they ask you for the entire price when you already prepaid on their booking site. I showed them my reservation informations on my phone. He agreed to lower the price after fiddling with the computer. He then asked me to wait for 10 minutes as he went upstairs to check if our room wasn't too dirty. It was 23h at this point. Then we climbed up the stairs to get to the room passing by guys sitting in there underwears watching TV. The guy opens the door to the room and asks us to wait again, there's someone's jacket and things in there. The room was ok but the lockers doesn't work and the guy only gives you the key to the room when you are in the hostel. Someone tried to come in the room at some point. The guy who lost his jacket? We went down the same night to ask to check out the next day, he said no,. 72h notice, The booking site said 24h, I very nicely pointed out the false representation on the booking site. The guy does not speak english. I think he wanted to get rid of us, he agreed to give our money back.
莎莎 (24.07.2016 14:06)
The price is good, you get a clean bed and disaffected staff. The floors are pretty dirty which should be clean given that you have to remove your shoes. The hostel is pretty big so lots of long stay Russians that love to snore. The wifi is good. Location is a bit a ways from the nearest metro station (about 1 km) but not that bad. Sucks if you have a heavy bag.
Marek Jarosz (20.07.2016 22:36)
The hostel is located on the fourth floor of a big communist building. After you enter (leave your street shoes in the anteroom) you will be welcomed by a smiling receptionist with a model English.
Some facts:
- cheapest place to stay in Moscow
- 10 minutes walk from the metro station
- 24h self-service market 5 minutes away
- you will get a bed and a towel,
- you can leave your valuables in the locker (100 rub deposit)
- free wi-fi all around the place
- big kitchen with two fridges, hot food wending machine and all necessary equipment
- check out is at 10 but you can leave your backpack in the bagadge-storing place
- you will meet a lot of locals - many Russian leave here
- very clean rooms, showers and toilets
Ferdy (23.04.2016 11:29)
Bear Hostel, the worst first impression of Moscow one can get. There was a weird vibe in the hostel from the start. The staff was not very welcoming when we walked in. It seemed as if they didn’t expect us and asked us to wait, probably to quickly clean the room. After about 15 minutes two guys showed us our two person double bed room upstairs, fully equipped with no windows, a noisy airco and used tissues from previous guests. Not a great start; we already regretted booking three nights in advance.

The upstairs floor looked more like an internet café than a hostel with all the guys playing video games the entire day/night. There are relatively few showers around, but there was never a queue. This is probably the reason why the entire hostel smells like men who haven’t washed themselves and/or their clothes in weeks. Sweat, tobacco, feet. For the smells sake, it would probably better if they wouldn’t ask the guests to take off their shoes when entering the hostel… Toilets where clean-ish, but sometimes it was hard finding a cabin that wasn’t short on toilet paper.

The kitchen is big and is decently equipped. However, there were four big refrigerators that were completely stuffed from top to bottom. This, and other things, gave us the impression that this place might house people on a more permanent base than just a few days to explore Moscow. We didn’t come across any foreign tourists. The place was filled with Russian people who either sort of lived here or stayed here for a few nights. Not a very social place either. You actually scare people by saying ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ and/or they’ll just ignore you completely.
One lady at the reception was actually friendly when I asked her if the garbage can in the kitchen could be emptied because it was more than full. She walked with me to the kitchen to take a look and walked away to get a trash bag. At least, that’s what I thought. After we waited a few minutes, we went back to the reception to find out she just got back to her desk to ignore us and the entire situation.

Positive things about this hostel: the Wifi is good, the location is good and well.. that’s about it I guess.
Mohannad Mamo (23.11.2012 23:20)
Good place at very reasonable price, the staff are good but a little bit far from the subway station and about 1 km from nearest McDonalds

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