Romantic cities of Ukraine


Romantic cities of Ukraine
Duration: 7 days/6 nights
COST - 1088 € FOR 1 PERSON !!!!!
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The two great cities – Kyiv and Lviv. Either of them is beautiful in its own way. There are a vast number of monuments, temples, Roman catholic churches, narrow streets and shadowy alleys, green parks and squares in them. Grandeur and beauty of Kyiv churches and modest charm of Lviv ones, cheerful hubbub of Kyiv crowd and serene life of Lviv residents. Huge and bright buildings and skyscrapers of Kyiv and small houses of Lviv. Fragrance of blooming chestnuts and hot freshly ground coffee. They are so different but nevertheless equally loved by their people. Every year an enormous number of tourists flood these cities: some for nothing but a walk, some to visit unnumbered churches and temples, some to just take hundreds of memory photos and some come here for inspiration. Both Kyiv and Lviv are perfect for pedestrian itineraries and merely Romantic sallies. These cities are created to be just admired day after day.

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