Lake Jaji tour (Georgia)


HORSE RIDE tour (Georgia) - "Lake Jaji tour"
Duration: 5 days/4 night
COST - ONLY 450 € FOR 1 PERSON !!!!!
http://artecotour. com/en/tourist-tours/in-georgia/lake-jaji-tour
The Lake Jaji located of 2660 meters above the sea level, near the highest on the Meskheti ridge Mount Mepistskaro – at a distance of 1500 meters from its peak. From the Lake Jaji takes one of its sources the famous Gurian river – Supsa. The route passes through the valley of river Supsa, through wooded hills and alpine meadows.
In the case of free time in the mentioned tour possible be included such kind of attraction like climbing on Mt Mepistskaro, bathing in mount river Supsa. Also, if desired, at first or last day is possible to visit the Museum of Local Lore of Chokhatauri.

Цена: 450
Электронная почта:
Телефон: +380443604616 +33631812689

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