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Tourism Accra is located in the south-central part of Ghana. It shares common borders with the Central Region on the west, Volta Region on the east, Eastern Region on the north and the Gulf of Guinea on the south. It is the smallest of the 10 administrative regions.
It has a coastline of approximately 225 kilometres, stretching from Kokrobite in the west to Ada in the east. The region is relatively dry since it falls within the dry coastal equatorial climatic zone with temperatures ranging between 20° and 30° Cels ius and annual rainfall ranging from 635 mm along the coast to 1, 140 mm. in the northern parts. There are two rainfall peaks notably in June and October. The first rainfall season between April and July is associated with the major cropping season in the region.
Sights National Museum. Highly worthwhile, the National Museum offers visitors a look at Ghanaian history and culture from prehistory to the present. Cultural exhibits include clothing, thrones, carvings, paintings, pottery, and a variety of instruments and tools used in various rituals. Each of these is accompanied by descriptions of their significance and meaning, so you can learn a lot if you take the time read them! Historical exhibits feature some of the most influential and important parts of Ghana's history, particularly the slave trade. There is also a fascinating exhibit of the history of the Ghanaian currency.
Shopping The three main shopping sites in Accra are Osu, Makola Market and the market by the Arts Center. Osu is Accra’s main shopping and wealthiest district.

Makola Market is Accra’s most popular market. It includes stores, informal stalls and walking vendors. You can find every type of goods, specially of textiles. Other markets are Kaneshie Market and Kumasi Central Market, the largest in West Africa.

For arts and crafts, try the market by the National Museum. You will find prints and paintings. At the Centre Of National Culture or Arts Center, you will find a more varied selection of arts and crafts in wood, leather and metal and a huge textile market.

Аккра, Гана

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А́ккра  — столица Республики Ганы и центр округа Аккра, крупнейший город страны, являющийся также её культурным и индустриальным центром. Слово Аккра является производным от слова Nkran  — муравьи.

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