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Iran Capital Tour

Roma Parvaz Tour & Travel

It is the right time to take a birth-taking, magnificent and exclusive Iran Capital tour, to experience the different imagination of Persia Empire, you will be visiting Qom as a religious capital, Hamadan(Hegmataneh) as the first capital of Meds, the second capital Susa is related to Elamite, Persepolis the capital of Achaemenid then Isfahan, the capital of Safavid era and also the first Islamic capital includes the amazing Islamic style architecture and at the end Tehran with its modern architect and it has been the capital since Qajar dynasty, we try to organize the unique and memorable package so beside the capitals you will be visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Sites too such as Bistun in Kermanshah, Yazd, Shiraz sightseeing, Pasargadae, Kashan, Ahvaz and Shushtar.

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