Нижняя Сыромятническая улица, 10, Москва
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Vladimir Katalov (25.10.2017 10:21)
Fantastic place, worth visiting. A lot of small pubs, cafes and shops
Ben O'Regan (30.09.2017 09:49)
Really cool place, with many great cafes, and interesting exhibitions!
Volpe (20.09.2017 04:11)
Creative hub. Mostly interior-related designer goods and furniture (the International upscale and widely acclaimed kind alongside with the less fancy local startup brands). Mostly pricey. Place is a bit out of the way and more accessible by car than public transport but is well worth the trip if you happen to be into the art scene especially, as previously mentioned, interior design. There are also a number of good cafes and bars on-premises to make it a chill place for the youths to hang out. Not a Hipster Mecca
Dmitry Morenkov (02.08.2017 10:19)
A spacious territory of the design and architecture and education centre converted from a factory, buzzing with hip aspiring architects and designers and visitors, though visitor information could be better, even if just online with news and some foci. Too easy to get lost. Other than that, you want an exquisite interior design? You get it. You want a copy of your key? You get it. You want a veg lunch? You get it.
Anastas Dancha (20.06.2017 05:20)
Amazing media-exposition "From Mone to Malevich". Highly recommended.

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